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           Thousand Island Dressing

The history of this dressing dates back to 1897. It is named for a popular upstate New York resort area, and the only salad dressing named for any region of the entire United States.
The story starts in the small resort village of Clayton, NY. A fishing guide, George LaLonde Jr. guided visiting fishermen through the scenic, fish-filled waters of the 1000 Islands.
As was the tradition, he served these fishermen a shore dinner, including a salad with a different and unusal dressing. The dressing was actually created and prepared by George's wife Sophia.
On one of these guided fishing trips and shore dinners, when the very prominent New York City stage actress May Irwin and her husband participated, they were very impressed by the salad dressing and asked for the recipe. At the same time Sophia gave the recipe to Mrs. Ella Bertrand, who's family owned the Herald Hotel where May Irwin and her husband stayed.Mrs. Bertrand prepared the dressing for Miss Irwin and and also added it to the menu.
It was May Irwin who gave the dressing the name Thousand Island and it was she who gave the recipe to George C.Boldt, owner of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York. Mr. Boldt directed his famous Maitre d' Oscar Tschirky to put the Thousand Island dressing on the menu right away.
And so Oscar Tschirky got credited for introducing the Thousand Island dressing to the world.

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