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What makes a healthy diet?

1. Variety
- Every day should include:
  ~ fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and cereals
  ~ some lean meat or meat substitutes (legumes) and low-fat dairy products
  ~ a little bit of butter, margarine or other fats

2. Eat more Fruit & Vegetables, Bread & Cereals
- They are:
  ~ none fattening, unless you add fat or sugar
  ~ rich in energy, fibre, minerals, vitamins and water
  ~ heart healthy
  ~ help your digestive system

3. Eat less Fat
- Fat can build up on your hips (weight gain) or it can build up in your blood
  and cause a heart attack
- Avoid chips, cakes, fried food, etc and lower your fat intake by trimming fat
  off meat, cooking with herbs and spices, using low-fat dairy products

4. Eat less Sugar
- Limit foods such as cakes, cookies and other sweets, ice cream and pop,
eat fruit instead

5. Limit Alcohol intake
- Alcohol has twice as many calories as sugar, so have a limit of one to two
  drinks (beer, wine, spirits) per day

6. Don't get too fat or too thin
- Eat the right amount of food to achieve and then maintain a healthy weight
- Eat meals regularly
- Even if you're trying to lose weight, don't skip meals - eat smaller servings

7. Eat less Salt
- Salt can raise your blood pressure and harden your arteries
- Taste food before you add salt
- Use herbs, spices, lemon juice, garlic or low salt substitutes instead of salt

8. Drink more Water
- Drink a minimum of four glasses of water per day

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