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Heart Health Risk Factors

An easy way to remember the heart health risk factors.

Just think about a slice of B.R.E.A.D.

BBlood Pressure and Blood Cholesterol
      High blood pressure and high blood cholesterol are risk factors for
      heart disease and stroke. They are silent conditions, but can be
              controlled by healthy living and/or by medication.

It's not the stress that's the problem. It's how we deal with it that
      counts. Stress is a risk factor for heart disease, so take a few
      moments to breathe deeply and relax.

EEating Well
Obesity is risk factor for heart disease. A lot of people eat more
       fat and less fiber than is desirable. It's not for lack of choice.
       We're surrounded by choices; to buy, prepare and enjoy
       heart-healthy foods. It's about balance. The wise choice is yours
       for the taking.

AActive Living
Activity is a prescription for an endless array of healthy outcomes.
       It decreases your risk for heart disease, reduces blood pressure
               and stress levels, helps you manage your weight, and makes you
               feel great.

DDon't Smoke
A pack-a-day smoker has twice the risk for heart disease and
      stroke as a nonsmoker. Think about this - each cigarette burns
               for about 12 minutes, and during that time the smoker inhales for
               only about 30 seconds. Meanwhile, chemicals are given off into
               the air and many are knwon causes for cancer. This is what
               nonsmokers breathe. So for all our sakes - Don't smoke!
Nutrition & Tips