Top Golf Clubs with Top Chefs
  To get this project started, selected some of the most exclusive and breath taking Golf Courses with beautiful and luxurious Clubhouses in North America.
We know that all of them have celebrated and well-known Golf Professionals. would like to honor, give respect and credit to the talented Chefs of those Clubs, so people realize what makes a Club perfect.
We have sent out entry forms to various clubs and already received several great entries. Please keep them coming.
If you would like to participate, please choose an entry form or contact us at and we will send you an entry form
We hope to have  our project completed in 2007.
  The Book will include one or more proven recipe(s), such as:
A Signature Dish
Member's Favorite Recipe
Chefs Favorite Recipe
Most popular Dressing, etc.

  Each Club or Chef can profit from this.
  We will create an online Book on will also publish a hard copy of the Book, which can be sold at the Pro Shop or the Restaurant to the Members & Guests as souvenirs or gifts.

If your Club hasn't received an invitation but you would like to participate, please contact us at
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Champion Chefs in America's Top Golf Clubs
By and and decided to honor the great Chefs in North America's Top Clubs by creating a memorable Book.
The Book also includes great Chefs from Canada's Top Clubs. Home Page
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